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1). Q: What is the UnderCover made from?
A. UnderCover Tonneau is made from a very selected composite of ABS plastics and polymers.  Unlike other plastics aftermarket accessories, the UnderCover is constructed to prevent warping from direct sunlight.  At only 58lbs, the UnderCover is also the strongest Tonneau cover on the market.

2). Q: How does the product compare to Fiberglass?

A: There are two very important points that make Undercover far superior to a Fiberglass cover. First, is its light weight, which makes UnderCover very easy to remove and install. With the no-drilling hardware on and off is a breeze. Second, is all of the covers come with wall mount hardware. Once you do take the cover off you can easily store it by hanging the cover in your garage. This is a feature that no Fiber Glass product can offer.

3.) Q: How easy is it to take the cover off?

A: It takes approximately 1-2 minutes to take the cover off and store with wall mount hardware (included) on your garage wall.  It is a 2 step process, first release the 2 struts and clip on side clips attached to the inside of the cover.  Then, remove the 2 rings located at the front of the cover.  Then simply lift the cover off and hang on the wall.  In many cases one person can remove the cover with very little effort.

4). Q: Does the product warp or have problems?

A: All composite materials expand and contract as a result of temperature changes. The cover have been designed to keep this to a bare minimum, almost unnoticeable.

5). Q: How does the product hold up to extreme climates?

A: The product is sold in Canada, Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Michigan and many other markets where the weather can be both extremely cold and hot.  Because of the Patented Design, the UnderCover is very capable of handling these temperatures without any warp or damage.  UnderCover is one of the most widely distributed Tonneau Covers in the Wholesale industry. This would only be true if the quality and workmanship satisfied their customer base and returns related to extreme temperatures were not a factor.

6). Q: Can the product be painted?

A: Yes, it can be painted but the fact that it is textured will have some effect on color.

1). Solid colors will provide excellent results.
2). Metallic colors may result in metallic color flakes settling in the textures and resulting in a slightly different color than that of your truck.

7). Q: Is there any special care or maintenance required?

A: No, just dust with a soft rag, wash with a mild cleaner. Do not use any waxes, only cleaners that are safe for plastics . The finish on the product has been tested to simulate five (5) years in the Arizona Desert with a gloss loss of only 3% over that period with just monthly care.

8). Q: How is the product attached to my truck?

A: With brackets that have been designed to be totally non-intrusive to the truck. No holes to drill. The entire installation is a breeze and the whole process takes about 15 minutes and requires only 1/2" (brackets) & 3/8" (lock strikers) socket or open end wrenches. The bracket alignment is simple and requires no measuring.

9). Q: What problems may I encounter in the installation?

A: None, however, if you have an over-the-rail bedliner it will have to be trimmed wherever the mounting brackets go. If you decide to trim off the length of the sides you do not have to trim off the part that goes over the front bulkhead.

10). Q: What type of security does the product provide for my cargo?

A: The locking is comprised of a "wrap over tailgate" design, which locks the tailgate whenever the cover is down and locked. Dual locks are stainless steel and require no adjustments or maintenance other that periodic lubrication. There are no cables or rods that require adjustments. This assures reliable functionality in even the most rigorous situations.

11). Q: Is the product waterproof?

A: Not waterproof, but water-tite. To insure cargo protection from outside elements,a double seal perimeter gasket is installed all around with the front part having a flap that extends between the front bulkhead and the truck cab. This flap provides additional protection when opening the cover when water is on it and also while you are traveling in in climate weather.

12). Q: How is the cover packaged inside the box, to protect it from damage?

A: The very best Styrofoam blocks to rest the cover on. Every corner is protected along with all sharp objects. Also use a high grade of bubble wrap to keep the box from rubbing the cover. All of your parts are wrapped together and located underneath the cover. The parts are carefully taped into place.

13). Q: How hard is it to get the props (struts) off of the side rails?

A: There is a small C shaped ring. This ring is released by using a small head screw driver to just slightly lift it away from the prop. DO NOT COMPLETELY REMOVE IT. It is designed to just slide forward about ¼ inch. Then push the prop out away from the truck, remove the screw driver and allow the ring to pop back into place. You do not have to remove the top ring, there is a clamp on the side of the cover that will hold the prop in place while you move the cover.

14). Q: Where is the Serial Number located?

A: If you are standing at the back of your truck, lift the cover up and at left hand side you will see a silver plate with 5 digits. This is your serial number and will be required anytime you have part or warranty issues.

15). Q: What are the lock covers for?

A: The lock covers are there to protect the locks from dirt and grime that could build up. Also, during winter months, the caps protect the locks from snow and ice and. Lock covers are easily replaced.

16). Q: When installing the front brackets, how far forward should I go?

A: This is a very important point for proper installation of your UnderCover. You should only go forward enough for the tongue part of the bracket to hang over the bed rail. NEVER place the bracket up against the truck cab. This can cause serious damage is not part of our warranty. Once you place the stainless steel ring on the bracket it should not be pinched against the truck cab. It is alright if it taps it, but not pressed against it. Be sure and consult your installation guide carefully for proper alignment.

17). Q: Which way should the props (struts) be facing once they are put on?

A: The cylinder end should be up and attached to the cover. This allows for the fluids to work properly. Also, you will be able to attach the prop(strut) to the clip when ever you want to remove your cover.

18). Q: Can you put a track system or rail on top of an UnderCover?

A. Yes, you can, but there are specific ways in which it must be done or you can cause serious damage to your cover as you can see in the picture attached. Over sizing the hole for the bolts is the first opportunity for damage. If you just drill a hole the same size as the bolt, the cover is going to, in cold weather, contract around the bolt and split the cover.

19). Q: Does the new Tundra Double Cab and CrewMax work with the Deck Rail Systems?

A. Yes, the UnderCover Brackets have installation kits that work for both those trucks without Deck Rails and those with it. There is a separate installation kit included with the cover for the Deck Rail System.

20). Q: Will I be able to use the tie downs that come with the new Tundra Double Cab and CrewMax?

A. Yes, you can see in the picture that the bracket and cover work just fine with the factory tie downs or cleats.

21). Q: After installing the Undercover on a Nissan Titan King Cab with Utilitrac, can I still use the Utilitrac anchors on the sides?

A. Yes, you can use the Utilitrac Anchors with the UnderCover, there is some limited mobility of the anchors but not enough to make them useless.

22). Q: Does the 2008 Ford F250-F350 Long Bed (Model 2121)  fit the earlier Long Bed Models?

A. Yes, it does. You can see in the picture a 2007 F250 Long Bed, the cover will hang over slightly on the 1999-2007 F250 Long Bed.

23). Q: Does the Model 2121 for the Ford 2008 Ford F250-F350 Long Bed work with the new built in step feature?

A. No, it will not work with this new feature. The Model 2121 will work with the new duck tail on the back of the tailgate, but if the truck also has the built in Step it will not work with it.

24). Q: I live near the ocean and have had corrosion occur on some of the metal parts of products I have purchased. Do I need top worry about that with an UnderCover?

A. UnderCover does its best to create a product where corrosion is minimized. However, sometimes in harsh environments, you may need to take some preventative maintenance action to keep this from happening.

If you live near the ocean we would recommend that you clean the exposed metal points with rubbing alcohol and a red automotive Scotchguard pad to remove any corrosion that has built up. Then paint any exposed metal using black Rust-Oleum paint using a brush. Two to three coats would work best. does not accept liability for incorrect spelling, printing errors (including prices), incorrect manufacturer's specifications or changes, grammatical inaccuracies or product image discrepancies (actual product may differ from image shown) for any product included on . Prices subject to change without notice. is not owned or managed by Undercoverâ„¢ a division of E.D. Industries Inc.
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